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tan-ta-lum:  Number 73 on the Periodic Table of Elements; symbol: TA

A non-corrosive metal found by the sea, known for its inability to absorb negative elements from its surrounding environment.


A Hidden Treasure


Situated along Alamitos Bay, deep within the beautiful Marina Pacifica, lays one of Long Beach’s best-kept secrets.  Step inside Tantalum and take a journey into culinary paradise.  Specializing in an eclectic menu of New California Cuisine with an Asian soul, Tantalum promises to please even the most discerning palate.

Our innovative menu showcases complex flavor profiles designed to excite and heighten the senses. All menu items are created to pair well with either an elegant glass of wine or any one of our refreshingly exotic cocktails.

A chic interior evocative of the Indonesian Islands couples dark woods with lush foliage, providing a luxurious backdrop in which to relax with friends, entertain guests, host a private party, enjoy live entertainment, or simply impress that certain someone.

The 75-foot mahogany bar and ultra hip dining lounge offer breathtaking panoramic bay views as well as a perfect place to sit and watch the sun go down.

Treat yourself to our complimentary valet or take advantage of over 1000ft of private docking space; whichever way you decide to travel, take a trip to Tantalum and experience the extraordinary combination of sexiness and style.


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At the Helm


Behind any reputable business there stands a team of valiant individuals who come together in order to produce something magnificent; Tantalum is no exception.

General Manager Kristen Schwarze, with a background covering restaurants across the nation is one of the many faces that have helped Tantalum achieve its superlative status. Classy yet chic, with an ambitious passion for hospitality, Schwarze creates an environment concentrated on the guest. Her inviting personality and acute attention to detail ensures that each visit to Tantalum be just as unforgettable as the first.

Working alongside Schwarze is Long Beach local and Executive Chef, Jack Daniel Robertson. While studying to receive his degree in Advanced Culinary Arts from Orange Coast College, Robertson had the opportunity to experience both low and high-volume restaurants, honing his skills as well as working next to some of Southern California’s most creative culinary artists. Since then, his resume has come to include an array of prestigious kitchens such as the Meritage in Irvine and the Four Seasons Hotel in Newport Beach. Chef Robertson’s passion for food is undeniable, as is evident by his insistence on seasonal produce in addition to his culinary creations, fusing California cuisine with the soul of Asia.


What People Say

  • I came here for my birthday and fell in love with this place. I can't wait to go back. WHO WANTS TO COME?


  • The atmosphere is so fun, the food is delicious and the service was great. Wonderful dining experience! Took my family here from out of town and we will definitely be back again.


  • I can' say any more than I already have about this place.. it's awesome...Go for the food, drinks, & view. You won't be disappointed. The Duck 2 Ways is delicious!!!


  • This is a very nice restaurant. The food was great!


  • Enjoyed the service here. The ambience is fantastic. The drinks weren't well done. The food was excellent


  • Although I was disappointed that they ran out of Halibit , the tolapia was yummy.. just very small portions.


  • Went to Tantalum on a recommendation from my date. The view from the bar of the marina was awesome! The food was prepared expertly and was very tasty . Will be back for sure soon


  • We went on a Saturday and it was quiet, but Happy Hour prices applied. The view is exquisite and the food has an Asian flair with amazing tastes. Service was excellent and attentive. relaxed atmosphere on a weekend day. I have been there in the evening when it's busier. anytime is great.

    VIP Minnie,

  • The waitress was awesome the service was fast and the food was delicious. Best halibut I have had. Thank you


  • I was so impressed with our dining experience! The martinis and steak were out of this world! The mood is romantic and relaxing. Live music! We can't wait to go back!


  • Always enjoy ourselves at Tantalum! The entire experience is wonderful, and the view is beautiful.


  • My husband and I went to have dinner here for our anniversary. It was a Monday so all day happy hour. It was pretty loud because of Monday night football. We had a good time. Our drinks were never empty. Our appetizers were great and our dinner was amazing. Everyone was really nice.


  • My goal when we found this place and after eating our first appetizer, dinner and dessert, is to try EVERYTHING on this menu. The chef is very innovative and loves being creative. Sometimes, if you ask the waiter, the chef is back in the kitchen "being creative" and you can order the "creativeness" that is not on the menu. But so far, the chicken lettuce wraps for an appetizer, the gazpacho for dinner, and chunky monkey(?) for dessert are my favorite dishes. It's hard to bypass those dishes in order to try something different on the menu. But so far, I have NOT been disappointed with ANYTHING I've tried. The atmosphere is great too. I love sitting at the tables on the highest floor so as to overlook the water and the bar. Very cozy.


  • From the strip mall entrance you will be amazed once inside. Huge panoramic view and bar. Water and boat views from most tables due to the varied levels. Friendly, energetic staff. Waiter made many recommendations from the menu and was not wrong. The calamari is a must from the appetizer menu. Incredible. Wine list is what a collector might keep at home. Some pricey hard-to-find wines and some inexpensive wines for less favorite relatives. Many wines by the glass too. Service was perfect throughout the meal and the food was great. Best view tables overlook the bar area so if a little noise bothers you ask for a table in the interior area. However the glass wall over the bar made for great views of the boat slips and water.


  • I've been to Tantalum several times now, and it literally gets better every time. The food is always unbelievably delicious, the cocktails are to die for, and the ambiance is unmatched! Not to mention that great live music they have playing, and the happy hour! I love taking people here for the first time... they're always impressed and can't wait to come back!


  • As always, Tantalum never disappoints!! The food and service are unbeatable. We always enjoy our visit to Tantalum.


  • The fried brie appetizer was delicious, as well as the short ribs & fries. If you're going for dessert you can share the banana bread pudding.


  • Tantalum is one on my favorite places to visit, the food is delicious, drinks are well made, the live band always playing good jams, the server was extremely nice.


  • I told my Friends to find a place that will top the food. They both said they couldn't


  • Tantalum continues to perform as an outstanding eatery. The waterfront views are spectacular! Every item on the menu is scrumptuous and perfectly prepared. This is an epicurean delight no one should miss. We will be back soon! Love love love Tantalum!!


  • The food was everything described and more. The view is outstanding and the ambiance for a very busy bar scene and an obvious local hot spot is not overwhelming. Knowledgeable waitstaff.


  • Awesome food, ambiance, service, & view. Wonderful experience.


  • First time here &loved it. Food was fabulous. Beautiful view of the water. Loved it


  • Incredibly loud on a Saturday night due to huge groups, so beware; Sunday through Thursday has been quieter. Superlative service! Food choice is very good to excellent. (Our food was excellent.) View is fantastic and the actual bar is good for dining. Live music, too (during week, if I recall correctly).


  • Order the sea bass yummy! I love the chicken lettuce wraps yummy! For a drink Orchid is a great drink very refreshing!! I alway enjoy going here love it


  • I found this little gem via yelp. I went with the recommendations and I was so happy I did. Bloody Mary's were divine. Calamari was so good. Soaked in buttermilk and lightly breaded with a light Asian sauce. So good. We also had the Tuna Tartar, delish and loved the giant crisps they were served with. The portions were really nicely sized as well. Not huge but definitely not small.


  • Calamari was very good! Our waitress was very attentive and very friendly. My fiance told her that it is our anniversary and that we recently got engaged, she congratulated us and surprised us with free desserts! A tad pricey, but great for special occasions.


  • SeaFood was terrific, desert, Brass Monkey was a smash


  • We were seated promptly. The waitress was able to answer all of our questions about the menu. Very friendly service. The food was excellent. I had the swordfish- I enjoyed every last bite. The noise level was a little high, but what do you expext there is a live band playing in the bar area. Tantalum reminded me of Dukes in Hawaii. So I will be returning.


  • Dirty Sugar is awesome band. Great place to have a drink, enjoy the view, and the music. One of my favorite places in Long Beach.


  • First I called Friday afternoon to request a window seat(at 7:00 on a Friday night, during college grad parties) they said they would try, we get there and they give us a PERFECT seat for the sunset! Then our server Tyler was great! The food was great! I recommend the calamari appitizer and the Buddha rice dinner!


  • Just enough selection; what they offer- they do it perfectly ! Great taste- great presentation. I'vce never had a bad meal/time at Tantalum - they never disappoint.


  • Deven you have to have drinks with me one day. Tantalum is where Mrs. Simpson and MR. Simpson from the O.J. Simpson Trial ate. YUMMY like Carol and her little girls she ate. Yeah baby!


  • Tantalum has excellent food and superior service. We've celebrated birthdays and graduations here and they have always impressed us. The food is exotic but tasty. It can get pricey if you go the full four course meal but worth it for special occasions. Highly recommend it.


  • The music was great. Although I miss Micheal this guy helped to make the night dynamic. The woman who sang last week was horrible!!!!! I know I can't sing so I don't try. She should stop trying too.


  • Food was great. Service was awesome. the view was expectacular.


  • We had a great 1st time experience! Collin was our server and he was nothing short of awesome, the atmosphere was vibrant and the food was delicious. Definitely will go back again!


  • We have been going to Tantalum for many years and it's always a favorite; especially for special occasions. We had requested a table with a view and preferably in the quieter side of the restaurant (away from the band). Originally the hostess started to seat us near the band, but was able to accommodate our request to be on the other side. We ended up being in a semi-secluded booth, which was perfect. The kitchen was busy so our entree was delayed, but our server Tyler was constantly updating us, so it wasn't a problem (we were not in a hurry.


  • This place has a great vibe from walking in the door. Valet is only $2, The decor invites you in Its beautiful. The scenery is spectacular. I've been here a couple times and enjoyed each meal i have had. calamari is great. Tuna Tar tar Yum! spinach and goat cheese salad best i have ever had. Happy Hour great prices and great food. I recommended this place to my friend and he ordered the pad thai and loved it. The music was great. all the songs we love to hear. The service is outstanding. This place is a must on your list to go. Enjoy


  • The food, service, and view are outstanding. It can be VERY noisy inside so I wouldn't recommend it for a romantic dinner.


  • We especially enjoyed the watermelon salad and the thick calamari. The margarita was outstanding as well!


  • Love this place.Takes me out of this busy life when I enter the restaurant.Chief is excellent and food presentation is like food telling you eat me now!!


  • Amazing water views. Well decorated interior and exterior transport you to the Islands. The food was amazing and everyone kept (openly) sneaking forkfuls of food from everyone else's plate. When you are with a close group of friends or family, THAT'S how you know the food is good! Food was super tasty and even the coffee reminded me of the homegrown Kona beans that they never export. Wish we could go more often but 300 miles is a long way to go for a meal.

    VIP WhyHom,

  • Food for all budgets, and taste.. Tuesday half off all bottles of wine from mild to wild sparked my attention and had me a little late for work the next morning. I would recommend this to all age groups, from a first date to a romantic night out. Just a side note, you'd be a fool not to get the calamari.! Will definitely be paying them a visit again very soon.


  • Thank you for the great food and the waitress was awesome. I am allergic to nuts and she was kind enough to ask that they prepare my food with no nuts. She was very kind and friently. My friends and I had never been to your restaurant and we just loved it. We will definitely be back and possibly to schedule our group events. Thank you for it is always nice to be treated nicely and all the staff I ran into said hello.....


  • Amazing food, outstanding drinks, great service...just a great place! Love the live music.


  • I was pleasantly surprised with this place. Friendly service. Waiter was prompted and courteous. The food was very good as well. The view was very nice and setting was very hip with music and a bar if you want to hang out for drinks. This was my first time at Tantalum and would go back there again for dinner and drinks.


  • This place is a hidden gem on the water! You can finally wear that fancy cocktail dress. Or go casual in jeans and a dressy top. It's a bit pricey- but I love the whole package and it's worth it!! It's a place I would like to go to often, but my wallet couldn't keep up. So I'll have to stick to Beachwood BBQ, or Roma cucina for now.



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